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Ambergris Croc Relocation Concern

Posted by Cherie Chenot-Rose on November 14, 2011 at 2:45 PM

To Concerned Residents and Resort Owners,

ACES is receiving complaints about the area into which we have been relocating problematic crocodiles. First, despite the rumors, ACES does not relocate problematic crocs into immediate residential areas, nor are we placing them in captivity and letting them escape. ACES hears and agrees with the relocation concerns one hundred percent and feels that the communities of Ambergris Caye need to come together to find the solution, hence a croc containment facility for education and tourism.

No matter if we took these crocs 100 miles away, it has been scientifically proven that they will normally return to where they came from originally. ACES has been providing a free community service of removing problematic crocs that are causing immediate danger to pets and people. We have been relocating these crocs to an area that is being proposed to become a wildlife sanctuary off of the public road leading into Grande Belize Estates Development where there are no immediate homes. For the record, there are only eight large repeat offending problematic crocs that we have relocated to the area north. Thus, we are re-capturing and relocating the same animals more than once, we are not bringing more crocs into the area.

The relocated crocs keep returning to their southern homes. American crocodiles are not only an endangered species, but a very important part of keeping the island's ecosystem in balance and cannot just "be killed." ACES has been suggesting an educational containment facility for over a year now and has even hand delivered proposals that are available for viewing at We are a transparent non-profit organization and are willing to hold a public meeting and divulge our past years expenses, funding, and the estimated costs of the proposed educational tourist eco-attraction for the island.

Please call Vince at 631-6366 with suggestions and concerns. Vince is happy to meet with you in person at your convenience.

Sincerely,Vince & Cherie

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