How You Can Help!

Sponsor a rescued crocodile for less than $10 a month. Your yearly donation will help with food, vitamins, medical care, and maintain natural habitats for ill, injured and problematic crocodiles in Belize. ACES is verified by the Global Federation of Animal Sanctuaries and permitted by the Belize Forest Department.

Adopt ~ A ~ Crocodile

Make a yearly donation of $100 USD and sponsor a rescued crocodile. 

  • Receive an official, printable, crocodile adoption certificate.

  • Get updates with photos of your crocodile's progress and growth.

  • Visit your crocodile at one of ACES sanctuaries for FREE when in Belize. 

  • Become a Croc-Crusader and enjoy regular email updates about rescued crocodiles, the sanctuaries, croc conservation, and ongoing croc research by ACES Biologists in Belize. 

ACT NOW and the first twenty-two donors that choose a "Morelet's Croc" can name one of the freshwater crocodiles rescued from inhumane and illegal captivity. Each crocodile is micro-chipped for identification. (Limited time offer.)

Direct Deposit Donations in Belize can be made to Scotiabank ACES # 3702056

Give In-Kind Donations

Donate items to help us reduce croc-human conflicts and keep people and crocodiles safe.

ACES Wish List

  • Batteries - all sizes for flashlights, headlamps, GPS, refracotmeters, and other equipment.

  • Old sheets & towels - are used to cover crocs during transport keeping them cool & calm.

  • Electric tape - to secure "the business end."

  • Ropes - various sizes for various things.

  • Microchips - ProID for croc identification.

  • Flashlights & headlamps (preferably not LED)

  • Educational signs, posters, brochures to inform the public about crocodiles and how to safely coexist with them.

  • Construction materials for secure, natural habitats for the rehabilitation of rescued wildlife & crocodiles at ACES facilities.

  • Utility vehicle - in better shape than ours.

Volunteers are always welcome!

Be a "Rouge Croc" Benefactor

"The Rouge Croc" Benefactor                (Donations of $5,000 USD or more)

  • Your name will appear on a plaque on  a crocodile habitat.

  • Lifetime Family Pass (for immediate family) to visit any of ACES facilities.

  • Your own “Croc Day” once a year for your own personal and private crocodile encounter (guests allowed).

  • Benefactor's logo, name, and link prominently featured on ACES partner webpage.

"Sub-Adult Croc" Sponsor                                  (Donations of $2,500 - $5,000 USD)

  • One “Croc Day” per year shared with other Sponsors (limited guests).
  • Five (5) year Family Pass to ACES facilities.
  • Sponsor's name and link on partner webpage.

"Juvenile Croc" Supporter                                  (Donations of $1,000 - $2,500 USD)

  • Three (3) year Family Pass to ACES facilities.
  • Supporter's name and link on partner page.

"Hatchling Croc" Contributor                (Donations of $500 - $1,000 USD)

  • One (1) year Family Pass to ACES facilities.
  • Contributor's names listed in ACES's Annual Report.