ACES American Crocodile Education Sanctuary

Help Take A Bite Out of Extinction!

You Can Help SAVE Endangered Crocodiles in Belize!

'GIVE~A~CROC' This Christmas!

For US$100 You can sponsor your very own crocodile in Belize.

Your tax deductible donation will pay for food, vitamins, habitats, and medical supplies to care for ill, injured and problematic crocodiles at ACES Educational Crocodile Eco-Sanctaury in Ladyville, Belize.  ACES is certified by the Global Federation of Animal Sanctuaries and permitted by the Belize Forest Department.

You will receive updates of your crocodile's progress and growth.

Just Click a Crocodile below to read their stories. 

As a donor, you become an ACES 'Croc-Crusader' and will receive email updates on the crocodiles, ACES Educational Crocodile Eco-Sanctuary, crocodile rescues, and ongoing crocodile research by ACES Research Team.

Click a Crocodile and Read Their Rescue Story!

Secure, Online Tax-Deductible Donations through BEEDFund

No donation is too small! Donations are made easy online through PayPal and ACES USA 501(c)(3) partner The Belize Economic & Ecological Development FundA guaranteed 90% of your donation goes directly to crocodile care, relocations, rescues, education and research!

Donate Directly to ACES

Donations can be made directly by a USA check Payable To: ACES and mailed to: Cherie Rose, General Delivery, San Pedro Town, Ambergris Caye, Belize,


Wire Transfers from the USA can be sent To: Bank of America, Swiss Code Address: #BOFAUS3N, ABA#026009593, Belize Bank Acct#6550-8-26053, For further credit to: ACES or American Crocodile Education Sanctuary Acct#630-2-2-21-5255