Our Story                            

Dedicated to the cause, despite bumps along the way, we still carry on with our heads held high and strength in our hearts. 

Before Vince Rose was known as the Croc Man, he and a wild American crocodile named Mama developed an unlikely relationship. Over time, Mama relaxed and accepted Vince as part of her surroundings, allowing him to study her behavior, information which later would be the basis for his humane croc wrangling techniques. 
American Crocodile Education Sanctuary was founded in 2006 by Cherie and Vince Rose in Punta Gorda, Belize. The sanctuary would become home to numerous ill and/or injured crocodiles, and problematic crocodiles whose aggressive behavior proved to be dangerous to humans, a behavior usually resulting from being fed. ACES, permitted by the Belize Forest Department, provided a home to crocs whose only options were captivity or death, and in turn helped to keep communities throughout Belize safe. 
Villagers assembled at the Rose's property, looting, destroying, and burning down their home and the sanctuary. They broke into the crocodile pens and mutilated any croc in sight.
ACES moved their operation to Ambergris Caye in 2010, where they began and continue to study the threatened American crocodile population. Once home to numerous illegal feeding operations, ACES presence has brought a much needed positive change and awareness to the island. ACES hopes to one day rebuild a sanctuary on Ambergris Caye to further protect both humans and crocodiles throughout Belize.