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ACES is a Non-Profit Organization founded by Wildlife Behaviorist & Croc Wrangler, Vince Rose, & Research Biologist, Cherie Chenot-Rose ~ Belize




To live in a world where animals and people coexist peacefully. A world where crocodiles no longer incite unwarranted feelings of fear and hatred, but are revered as they once were by civilizations throughout human history.

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We strive to bring balance between humans and nature through community engagement, conservation, education, research, animal rescues, and rehabilitation.




American Crocodile Education Sanctuary was founded in 2006 by Vince and Cherie Rose in Punta Gorda, Belize. The sanctuary would become home to numerous ill and/or injured crocodiles, as well as problematic crocodiles deemed to dangerous to be left in the wild. ACES, permitted by the Belize Forest Department, provides a second chance at life for crocodiles whose only other option is death, keeping both the crocodiles and communities throughout Belize safe from dangerous, unwanted conflict.

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In 2010 while Vince and Cherie were away on an emergency crocodile call, villagers assembled at the Rose's property and proceeded to loot, destroy, and burn down their home and the surrounding sanctuary. They tore down the fences and mutilated all crocs in sight.


After the arson, ACES moved their operation to Ambergris Caye in 2010, where they began and continue to study the threatened American crocodile population. Once home to numerous illegal and dangerous crocodile feeding operations, ACES presence has brought a much needed positive change and awareness to the island. ACES hopes to one day rebuild the sanctuary on Ambergris Caye to further protect both humans and crocodiles throughout Belize, as well as further the research into this species.

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Crocodile Behaviorist, Wildlife Rescuer, Expert Croc Wrangler, ACES Director of Operations

Summers began volunteering for the American Crocodile Education Sanctuary (ACES) in 2010. With the first few months of volunteering Summers completed ACES Research and Conservation Internship Program and gained a basic understanding of humane trapping, safe handling, crocodile behavior and biology. 

In 2014, Summers took over as ACES Daily Operations Manager working alongside the Belize Forest Department to preserve the crocodile species in Belize and their wetland habitat plus oversees all ACES activities. 


Wildlife Rescuer, ACES Education and Project Coordinator

Christina Manzi began her work with ACES in 2016 by volunteering and completion of ACES Research and Conservation Internship Program. Through Manzi’s full-time volunteer work with ACES, she now assists in all crocodile conservation activities.

Manzi started ACES Clean Fill project, aimed at assisting the community in finding solutions to fill low-lying areas surrounding their homes with materials that will not cause further deterioration of the precious wetland habitats. 


First Mate, Conservationist

Ancona is a Belizean student and has been working with ACES on the Crocodile Expeditions as a first mate since July 2016. His general interest in the crocodiles turned into a love as he started learning about their biology and their complexities. Ancona accompanies Summers on the relocations of sick, nuisance crocodiles and tours.




Published Research Biologist, ACES CO-Founder, Living Kidney Donor

Chenot-Rose has over thirty years experience with the handling and husbandry of reptiles, including venomous snakes; various lizards; exotic turtles; American alligators; caiman; and, Morelet's and American crocodiles.

With a BS in Biology and Psychobiology, and extensive knowledge in crocodilian diseases, she has published numerous crocodilian works in several countries; and, thousands of hours educating interns, local authorities, the public, and school children on everything from safe and humane handling techniques, scientific data collection, tagging, and sexing, to methods of safely coexisting with these magnificent apex predators.


Crocodile Behaviorist, Wildlife Rescuer, Expert Croc Wrangler, ACES Co-Founder

Rose is one of the World’s leading experts on American crocodile behaviors. With over thirty-five years of studying, tracking, hunting, and trapping all forms of wildlife, Rose is exceptionally knowledgeable in apex predator behaviors. His behavioral studies include bears of the Rocky Mountains and Australia’s freshwater and saltwater crocodiles.

With experience handling various species of crocodilians, including highly endangered Siamese crocodiles, and venomous snakes such as Fer-de-Lance, Rose has spent countless hours studying the behavior of wild, American and Morelet’s crocodiles. He has thousands of safe, live crocodilian captures, relocations, and re-releases via various humane methods (i.e. snares, traps, nets and by hand).



Your tax deductible donation helps to fund our country-wide crocodile rescue program and supplies food, vitamins, medical care, and maintenance of natural habitats for crocs undergoing rehabilitation, as well as for injured and problematic crocodiles living in the sanctuary.