Crocodile Hatchling "Leva" Rehabilitated & Re-Released

April 18, 2011, Shelby Lave of Boca del Rio, Ambergris Caye, gave back to Mother Nature a hatchling crocodile that was rehabilitated by ACES/American Crocodile Education Sanctuary. The little croc was discovered during one of ACES eye-shine expeditions as part of its Ambergris Caye crocodile population survey. It was found nearly dead from starvation and overheating in a ditch, created by development, that was once mangrove habitat. While Isla Bonita succumbs to the pressures of growth, vital mangrove habitats are being destroyed at an alarming rate. These wetland habitats are not only the breeding grounds for crocodilians, but are also natural nurseries for fish, shrimp and crab, including Belize's snappers and groupers. Recent studies now prove that mangroves, which have declined by half worldwide in the last 50 years, are now considered a bulkhead against climate change, published in "Nature Geoscience." ACES persistent crocodile conservation in Belize includes reaching out to the local communities through education and participation. "Locals see us catch crocodiles and sometimes relocate them. It is important for the populace to understand that we do not wish 'to be taking their crocs away,' and only do so when we are called by someone reporting a problem croc and it is confirmed to be problematic and dangerous, usually from being illegally fed. It is ACES goal to help the environment regain its balance by protecting the keystone species, the apex predator. ACES primary goal is education on how to safely live with these giant reptiles, but conservation measures, such as re-releasing the rehabilitated hatchling, need to be taken in order for the species to return to a self-sustainable population. ACES croc conservations goals include protecting the Red mangrove habitats that are being destroyed and fragmented needlessly. Otherwise, within Shelby's lifetime he may witness the extinction of species, including American crocodiles. You too can now be a part of Belize's history and crocodile conservation while helping to save threatened species in danger of extinction. ACES/American Crocodile Education Sanctuary is now leasing property at Caribbean Shrimp Farm, Ltd. in Ladyville, Belize City District, for the implementation of "ACES New Educational Crocodile Eco-Sanctuary" that will be open to the public for an educational crocodile experience. ACES needs 1000 people to donate $65US in 65 days! Your $65.00 USD Tax-Deductible Donation thru ACES USA 501(C)(3) charitable partner (The Belize Economic & Ecological Development Fund) will go to the construction of the New ACES Facility in Ladyville. With a Tax-Deductible Donation of $65.00 USD, Donors Receive a FREE Life-time Transferable Pass to the New "ACES Educational Crocodile Eco-Sanctuary." Donors' names will be permanently on display in ACES Educational Visitors' Center. Please Donate Today & Invite All Your Friends to Assist in being Part of Building a Crocodile Sanctuary for Wildlife Conservation and Belize. For more information go to By Research Biologist, Cherie Chenot-Rose, and published by "The San Pedro Sun."

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