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Community engagement is key to compassionate and successful conservation. Our goal is to educate the local community on how to safely coexist with these apex predators, and the importance of crocodiles in Belize's ecosystems.

Not only do we save threatened crocodiles from extinction, but to keep the people and communities safe from potential croc-human conflicts. People fear what they do not understand, so we provide local educational lectures. 

Please send an inquiry or email to ACES at if you are interested in setting up an educational session. 


Looking for an exciting and educational presentation for your students? ACES visits schools year round teaching students not just about the importance of crocodiles and the ecosystem they inhabit, but also how to safely live along side with these magnificent predators so people and mother nature can safely coexist.

If you would like to schedule a free visit to your school anywhere in country, contact us on 623-7920 or


Is your town or organization hosting an educational event? We love the hustle and bustle of town fairs and having the opportunity to reach people on a large scale. 

Contact ACES on 623-7920 or to set up a booth with displays, information, and interactive games for the kids.


Children are the future and it's important to get them thinking about it. 

We love nothing more than fueling a child's love for wildlife, and what better way to fuel that passion than to engage them on career day when they're thinking about their future. 

Contact ACES on 623-7920 or to set up a presentation or booth.


We love summer and visiting all the camps! Every year when we return to camps we are blown away by how much knowledge the kids have retained from previous visits.

With educational presentations, interactive games, puzzles and mazes, we'll show the kids a fun time while teaching them about the ecosystem and the role crocodiles play.

To schedule a free camp visit for kids of any age, contact ACES on 623-7920 or



In an effort to continue our wildlife care and rescue efforts through 2020's turbulent times, we are offering online educational sessions for you and/or your kids via Skype, WhatsApp, FaceTime and Zoom! 

Contact us at to schedule your session today! 

Donations are US tax deductible and can be paid here.



Your tax deductible donation helps to fund our country-wide crocodile rescue program and supplies food, vitamins, medical care, and maintenance of natural habitats for crocs undergoing rehabilitation, as well as for injured and problematic crocodiles living in the sanctuary.

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