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A boa constrictor named Noodle

Meet Noodle! Noodle is a boa constrictor native to Ambergris Caye and a loved resident by the owners of the property he frequents. On Thursday, Noodle was found at the bottom of their steps very lethargic. After monitoring him for a few hours, they decided to make a call for us to come assist him. Once we got hands on, we noticed an abscess on his lower jaw that looked infected and was in need of medical attention.

Thankfully, Dr. Amber from San Pedro Animal Hospital was available for a check up, where she was able to assess Noodle’s injuries. She concluded the abscess was likely caused by a bite from his prey that later became infected. His bones and joints all felt intact, he is a beautiful weight, and fully hydrated. He is slowly recovering with us with the help of antibiotics and is expected to make a full recovery and return to the wild. The best part about this situation, though, is how the property owners are requesting Noodle be released back where he came from. They are more than happy coexisting with this non-aggressive, non-venomous snake and are eager to see him recover and return to his wild life.

On a side note, what you're seeing here is not an abnormality! Snakes and lizards have a unique reproductive system. What Noodle is so proudly flaunting is his TWO penises, called a hemipenes. In their world, the motto 'two is better than one' definitely holds true!

A hemipenes is beneficial in that it allows the reptile to mate from either side of the female he ends up on, and that if one runs dry, the other serves as a back up so that mating can continue. Such a fascinating evolution!

Thank you to Dr. Isabelle Paquet-Durand, who has been assisting over the phone to have this snake go through the least amount of stress while receiving the proper care to heal.

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