Ace: The Talking Crocodile

This one year old American Crocodile was rescued from sure death. Found injured and starving on the Rio Grande River in Belize, TIDE Rangers caught the little hurt croc and transported it to Belizes first and currently only Crocodile Sanctuary, ACES / American Crocodile Education Sanctuary in Punta Gorda. Ace was treated for its injuries and force fed till it regained strength and began eating on its own. Every evening Vince & Cherie sit outside with Ace and watch the croc attempt to try to catch shrimp. Completely blind in one eye, Ace is only successful as long as the prey are in a contained area small enough that the croc doesnt have to expend too much energy to finally have a successful catch. Then one evening while sitting outside with Ace, our friend Maya started making hatchling noises. To everyones surprise, Ace began to talk back to her! Their croc talk went on for hours through the evening. Now, every evening while we set outside to watch the sunset over the Rio Grande and Vince & I start talking about our day, Ace joins right in on the conversation.

Truly an amazing little croc Ace is very special and about to make history. Not only does Ace chat with you, but Ace has been chosen to travel to the USA to become and Ambassador of Crocodilian Conservation in Belize. The Wildlife Discovery Center at Elawa Farm in Lake Forest, Illinois, has agreed to welcome Ace to their fabulous educational facility. Currently, CITES permits are in progress for the extraordinary animal to be shipped across country and state boarders.

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