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Big city, little croc

While wildlife rescue can sometimes weigh heavy on the heart, there are other times when you are lifted back up by the kindness and care of a single individual! A good Samaritan called the Belize Forest Department after a crocodile strolled onto his property. Knowing that all the water sources in their area had completely dried up, he figured the croc was searching for water. Concerned that he wouldn't find a water source (or may become hurt in process), he contained the croc, cooling him down with the hose and keeping his dogs at bay, until we were able to arrive.

At first, his daughter, Kizayah, was very nervous about the animal, staying a good 30 feet back, but once we got the crocodile safely secured, she agreed to come over to learn and ask questions about their visitor. She went from fearing the croc to loving him in a few minutes and it was such a reward to see her transformation.

As promised, we named this 5 foot Morelet's crocodile in honor of his savior, Joseph. Joseph has been released in a freshwater area that is guaranteed not to dry up.

With this drought continuing and more water sources running dry, wildlife may be wandering into areas where we don't expect to see them. If this happens, do as Joseph did and call the authorities so that the animal can get taken to safety as quickly as possible. Please don't try to take the matter into your own hands, as this may cause more harm to the animal and potentially to yourself.

THANK YOU, Joseph, for your kindness. The world needs more people like you!

Can you see his tiny little head way out there?

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