Brigitte Bardot Foundation Saves American Crocodile

"Massive Problem Crocodile Caught on San Pedro" hit the Belize news recently and I would like to first thank La Fondation Brigitte Bardot for their generous donation last year which enabled us to complete the largest, secured, natural crocodile habitat in Belize at Caribbean Shrimp Farm, Ltd. in Ladyville, for the safe containment of this 11 foot, male, problematic American crocodile. Without this facility the dangerous crocodile would have been killed. He now joins another rescued problematic crocodile, Brigitte, in his new home.

Why save them? Because American crocodile numbers are decreasing in Belize. I would like to address Vince's statement in the article, "For the last 10 years we've been counting crocs and the numbers are going down extremely high and that's bad. Belize was supposed to be scientifically from all the crocodile specialist groups Belize was supposed to have the highest numbers of the American Crocodiles left in the world. Our numbers are showing they don't. They don't even have half as many."

I'm not sure if it was the fact he was exhausted from dealing with the massive crocodile; if the urgency to get the crocodile to its new home (crocodiles can die in minutes in the heat with their mouths taped shut); or, if his statement was misinterpreted when translated from English, to Creole, and back to, well, sorta English; but, I need to address his statement.

What Vince was trying to say: is that while not too long ago, based on research data, the Crocodile Specialist Group considered Belize to be the last stronghold for the species; recent studies have shown a significant decline in the population due to developmental pressures, indiscriminate killings, and the lack of enforcement of Belize's protection laws. 

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