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Coral Reef Ed-Ventures Camp

We've been visiting the Coral Reef Ed-Ventures summer camp for what feels like years now, and because we've been so often we've gotten to know some of the kids and councilors quite well. I think it's one of my favorite camps to visit, and year after year the kids blow me away with how much information they've retained from our previous visits.

Usually we take the older kids out on the boat for a night of eyeshining for crocs, and then visit the camp to talk with the younger kids. Unfortunately due to mechanical issues we were unable to do the boat trip this year so we did camp visits for both groups.

This year was a great turn out with over 60 kids in attendance!! I'm glad we had intern Gary in town to help so we could separate the kids into groups.

Gary talked with the kids about crocs, the ecosystem they live in, and about trash and the problems it creates for the environment. We also had mazes, puzzles and coloring pages designed by us to entertain and teach.

While Gary did that, I took the other half and to play a game I invented to teach the kids about habitat destruction, hatchling survival rate, and the importance of a balance of predators and prey in the ecosystem.

It didn't work!!

There were too many kids and too many moving parts and it was chaotic!! But I had fun and the kids had fun running wild. We'll tweak it and make it work next year :)

How long do you think it will take each individual item to break down?

Gary and I playing a game of fact or fiction with the kids

It was madness of the best kind!!

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