Croc Capture and Relocation

This aggressive little male (around the 8 foot mark) was captured and transported a few miles north to a new water system; hes not the Croc we're after, but he certainly put up a fight! We're after the large 12-14 foot American Crocodile that has been causing a bit of trouble breaking fences and terrorizing, even eating people's dogs! This bigger and much older crocodiles are smart, real smart, and know when there is free food in an enclosed area something is a bit off. So they wait outside the trap and send in the younger animals first to test it out. If they get a free meal, the large croc thinks its safe the next time around. However, we have removed a few of the crocs from this area and the big croc has likely caught on. Luckily, these predators are highly opportunistic, and sooner or later the idea of a free easy meal (especially a tasty chicken!) becomes too good to pass up.

These animals have absolutely astonishing homing abilities and are able to find their way back to whatever river system they came from. Research suggest they are able to orient themselves using the magnetic poles, so to disrupt this, we have to put a magnet on this little guy's head. So far we have seen a very strong success rate in that we see fewer returns with magnetized crocodiles than we do with non-magnetized! Good news for crocodile conservation and relocation efforts! We love our Crocs and we are doing everything we can to save the few we have left! Crocs rule!

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