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Beyoncé trapped under apartment building!

This apartment building sits mere feet away from a lagoon side pond. The resident crocs are often found relaxing under the building much to the concern of the apartment’s occupants, so a while back we scavenged some pallets so they could create barricades between the building and the water to prevent the crocs from having access.

After another visit from the crocs 2 days ago, the landlord erected the barricades yesterday securing them properly. Unfortunately, no one noticed this young lady was under the building at the time, trapping her and leaving us no choice but to go and get her. This capture wasn’t the safest for us or the croc. We had very little room to work in, and the croc was thrashing around on top of the trash, including a lot of broken glass, before we could safely get her in a position where we could control her and prevent her from hurting herself or us.

Once this croc, named Beyonce, was secured, we removed her and brought her home for a health inspection to make sure she didn’t have any nasty cuts from the glass or any other wounds that needed attention. Miraculously she received no serious wounds and there was no broken glass shards in her soft underbelly, so after being weighed and measured, she was released to a cleaner and more suitable area. Due to their territorial nature it’s unlikely she will stay there and will most likely return to the garbage filled pond, but this will give her a chance to be in cleaner waters for a bit and potentially deter her from close encounters with highly populated areas! And at least if she does return, she won’t be able to gain access under apartment building and won’t have to be put through the stress of capture again.

On a positive note, it was wonderful to get hands on a lady croc! The largest majority of crocs we come across are males so we’re always excited when we come across a female! Thank you to the apartment complex for contacting us to assist with this matter and to our awesome volunteers!

Our goal is above all else is safety of the public. Seeing this property owner take the initiative to block off access to the crocs shows a willingness to coexist. Now the residents, children, and pets of this complex, as well as the local crocs, are in a safer and more sustainable position for coexistence, and we thank you for putting in the effort!

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