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Cute little monsters

Would you ever guess screams from a ceiling would result in these balls of fluff? These few week old raccoons were brought to us after the mother raccoon was relocated from the walls of a house, the home owners unaware of the young she was leaving behind. Thankfully they were old enough to survive a few days without mom and the home owners called us to come assist as soon as they found the babies. They are now being cared for by the wonderful team at Wildtracks, where they will be raised and released back in the wild where they belong! ❤️

Raccoons are little bandits and will take advantage of small openings in buildings, sometimes taking up residence like in this case. It is always best to call someone who is trained to handle wildlife in these scenarios, especially when it involves raccoons. Raccoons are notorious for carrying diseases which can be transferred to people and pets and should never be handled, especially without proper protective gear, most importantly gloves. To avoid conflict such as this, be sure all openings that can be accessed by wildlife are sealed off, and that all garbage is contained within a sealed garbage can that cannot be tipped over or opened by often very clever wildlife and dogs. As always, please avoid feeding wild animals. If you ever need assistance or have questions about wildlife in your area, feel free to call ACES anytime at 623-7920.

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