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One of the things about crocodilians is they’re semi aquatic, not fully aquatic creatures. They need both land and water for their daily activities, namely their thermoregulation requirements. Crocs NEED somewhere out of the water to dry their bodies off and maintain internal body temperature. As we encroach further into mangrove habitat with our homes, schools and hotels, the chances of crocs basking or “moon bathing” next to or close to homes increase as they have no where else to go. Further more, due to the fact that people tend to bother them throwing rocks etc when they try to bask during the day, we are seeing an increase of crocs coming out at night when people are less likely to be around.

While it may be concerning to see a large predator close to people’s habituation at nighttime, 99 times out of 100 there’s nothing sinister about it and they will run back to the water if approached or startled.

If you find yourself in a situation such as this, there are simple steps that can be taken to ensure everybody coexists together incident free.

1: Do not feed the crocodiles, doing so will give them every reason to seek out people and greatly increases the chance of an incident.

2: Discard food and fishing scraps properly making sure it’s all away from the waters edge and homes, ideally in a trash can or compost heap.

3: Something like feeding the fish in the water may attract a croc or two. Remember fish are a crocs primary source of food, and if you have schools of fish right by your home because they’re fed, that may cause a croc to hang out in ambush mode, and if a pet gets loose it could all end in disaster.

4: Erect fencing. It doesn’t have to be anything fancy, a simple barricade will deter all but the most unusually aggressive of crocs (in which case call us if they’re being that aggressive). If you want to be really cool about it, you can set the fencing back a few feet from the water so the croc still have a safe and dry place to bask. That way everybody wins.

5: If your house is raised and prone to flooding underneath, barricade the sides so crocs can’t get under there. A raised home is like a ready made cave for a croc and they love it. I on the other hand am not particularly fond of the risks of having to go under home where’s there’s little room to maneuver to remove a 10ft croc, so please, for my safety as well as yours and your pets, get your homes blocked off before the rains come this year!

6: Protect your pets! Walk them on a leash, especially near the lagoon and don’t leave them tied up near the water with no barricades for protection. And don’t let them roam free. If they’re running around like wild animals there’s a good chance they may become part of the food chain and no one wants that! If anyone needs any pallets delivered to their homes so they can create barricades, please let us know. We always have some on standby for these types of scenarios that we’ll deliver free of charge.

It’s important to note that in most scenarios, relocation of a croc is not the long term solution. Crocs are very territorial and there is a high probability of them returning to the area. Even if they don’t, another one will likely move in. Removing a croc will just give a false sense of security that there’s no crocs around. As the most intelligent species in a country revered for the beauty and complexity of her ecosystems, it is our responsibility to find ways to live harmoniously with all the creatures on Gods green earth 🌍🐊

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Your tax deductible donation helps to fund our country-wide crocodile rescue program and supplies food, vitamins, medical care, and maintenance of natural habitats for crocs undergoing rehabilitation, as well as for injured and problematic crocodiles living in the sanctuary.



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