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He is most unimpressed

A very interesting intake - this stunning Northern Potoo struggled with yesterdays high winds. He was found my a kind citizen who picked him up and found him care. He suffered a badly injured broken wing, which were able to wrap and send to Belize Bird Rescue to see if the wing would could be saved. Sadly, the break was just too high up on the humerus for the vet to make repairs.

Wildlife are usually able to handle the extremes of mother nature’s weather systems, but with many new buildings, power lines, towers, etc, sometimes their maneuvers to manage weather extremes get haunted by collisions with these obstacles. If you ever find an wild animal unable to fly or move in a normal fashion, please call for help. We are available 24 hours a day to come assist so the animal may have a chance at survival.

The Northern potoo is a well camouflaged bird, rarely spotted during the day due to its cryptic plumage. They can be identified by their large head and eyes and very wide, but short beak, as well as their very streamlined and upright perching posture. Their diet consists of flying insects, beetles, moths, and occasionally small birds. Have you ever had the pleasure of seeing a potoo in the wild?

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