How to Live Safely with Crocodiles

Please do not feed the wildlife or one day they may feed on you!

Crocodiles are an important apex predator, an animal at the top of the food chain. Crocs keep wetland ecosystems in balance. Without crocodiles, disease carrying animals, like racoons, increase in numbers and can make us sick. When an ecosystem is void of its apex predators the unbalance can kill the entire ecosystem rendering it lifeless.

  • NEVER feed wild crocodiles - it is illegal and very dangerous

  • NEVER swim in a lagoon at sunrise and sunset. This is the time of day when crocodiles feed.

  • STAND BACK several feet from the shore when fishing, at dusk and dawn especially.

  • NEVER clean your fish or discard fish scraps near the water's edge or at boat ramps/docks. Take your scraps back out to sea away from populated areas.

  • STAY AWAY from crocodile slide marks. Crocodiles may still be nearby.

  • DO NOT dangle you arms or legs over the side of a boat, especially kayaks.

  • NEVER poke, catch or harass a crocodile, especially small ones and babies. The mother croc may be nearby watching.

  • NEVER through any food scraps at the water's edge or around your yard. It attracts fish and raccoons which in turn attracts crocodiles.

  • BE AWARE of crocodiles at night when you're near any water source.

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