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It doesn't get much cuter than this

For the second time this year, we received a call about a tamandua (anteater) on Ambergris Caye. This little lady was found wandering around Island Academy last night and then captured by the caretaker. A friend of ours contacted us on their behalf, as they were unsure what to do with the animal at this point.

Tamandua's are native to Belize. They are usually found in forested areas, living in tall trees, eating termites and ants. As Ambergris Caye becomes more developed, they are one of many species of wildlife loosing their habitat. Since the area where this anteater was found is heavily trafficked by vehicles, people, and dogs, the decision was made to relocate this beauty to a more suitable habitat, away from the excitement of city life.

Under the expert guidance of Ella Baron who runs the Tamandua Refuge at Cave's Branch Botanical Gardens, the Anteater was held over night, her behavior was assessed and approval was given for release as she did not seem to be injured or ill, was drinking water, and was very actively climbing around the cage.

Early this morning, a spot was chosen far from town with access to trees, water, and an endless supply of termite nests. As she scurried off to live free and wild in her new home, she paused and glanced back, giving us one last good bye, before disappearing into the trees. She was such a magical animal and we are happy to see her wander into a wild where she belongs.

Thank you to Ella, Cindy Vigna, and the caretakers who assisted with this happy outcome! When it comes to wildlife in potential danger, we rely on the vigilance of the general public and are forever thankful to them for contacting us to get the animal to safety.

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