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He doesn't Look Like A Croc...

It’s throwback Thursday in today’s November Knowledge day 14 of cool croc facts, so we’re going back about 230 million years all the way to the middle Triassic period to take a gander at a distant relative of today’s modern crocodilians.

The Desmatosuchus who’s name is Greek for “link crocodile”, was not truly a crocodilian but an archosaur, one of the “ruling lizards” who preceded the dinosaurs, crocs, and birds. Desmatosuchus was a terrestrial reptile found in the forests of what we know as North America, and was quite a large animal for the time period in that geographic location.

At 15 feet long weighing up to 1000lbs, this plant eating herbivore had similar posture to today’s crocodiles, but with longer splayed out legs. His natural suit of armor looks impenetrable and as with a lot of herbivores at the time, was designed to protect against carnivorous archosaurs and the earliest predatory dinosaurs.

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