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Deinosuchus - Terrible Crocodile!

Happy thanksgiving to all the American crocs out there. It’s throwback Thursday and for today’s November Knowledge cool croc facts we’re throwing back 75 million years to the Cretaceous period.

Here we find one of the largest prehistoric crocodyliforms, the Deinosuchus which literally translates to “terrible crocodile”. Although named crocodile, the Deinosuchus is actually a relative of today’s alligators. Exceeding 30 feet in length and weighing over 8 tons, Deinosuchus lived in what we know as the USA and northern Mexico. Their diet varied depending on what prey was available in different areas. Fossils found in Georgia show evidence of them hunting turtles, but fossils from large dinosaurs with Deinosuchus bite marks suggest they also hunted prey similar in size to themselves. Imagine that... giant gator versus giant predatory dinosaur! It’s the stuff sci-fi movies are made of!!

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