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Is It A Boy Or A Girl?

Crocodilians have no external sexual dimorphism. In plain English that means you can’t tell just by visually looking at an croc whether it’s a male or female.

Males maximum size tends to be larger than females, so if you’re looking at a 15 foot croc chances are it’s a male.

Crocodilians have a hole below the belly called a cloaca. It’s an all in one hole for urine, feces, reproductive organs, and it’s where females lay their eggs from. To positively ID an individuals sex, you have to insert a finger into the cloaca and find out (asking permission first of course 😂).

The exception to the rule is the critically endangered Gharial found in the Indian subcontinent. The males of the species have a bulbous looking nose compared to the females relatively flat snout.

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