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Now I'm Just Being Silly 😂

We’ve had an incredibly productive day hauling trash with an amazing group of people. But before we collapse, it’s day 9 of November Knowledge cool croc facts and we’ll make it a quick one because we’re wiped out. Crocodilians are amazing predators who hunt a variety of prey depending on the species. They’re usually crepuscular hunters who are most active at dusk and dawn, but can be opportunistic and will stray from preferred hunting times if something looks too good to pass up on. They’re also quite the scavenger, and will feast on the delicious carcass of dead animals or scraps left behind from fishing. Wouldn’t it be amazing if they could eat any and all trash without damage to their health, pass it through their system and crap out cupcakes!? If they could pull this off they wouldn’t need people like us protecting them.... and that’s a fact 😂

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