Phineas: A Story of Recovery

ACES has had some incredible accomplishments in 2017, most notably 'The Recovery of American Crocodile Phineas.'

Near death when ACES found him, Phineas' mouth had been taped closed then wrapped tight and knotted with wire by unkind humans.

Upon capture, Phineas was not only emaciated, but also suffering from an awful infection inside a large and open wound at the base of his skull inflicted by humans.

ACES slowly nursed Phineas back to health the best they could; cleaning the wound a couple times each week, administering antibiotics, and force feeding him while his body focused on healing. With the help of the island veterinarian and a local anesthetic, the injury was thoroughly cleaned and sutured closed, greatly increasing his chances of survival. After five intense months of medical care and attention, Phineas healed beautifully and was released back into the wild. 

It's stories like Phineas' that motivates each member of the ACES team to dedicate themselves to conservation of Belize's critical wetland habitats and protected species to preserve wildlife for future generations.

This rescue could not have been possible without the gracious donations from those who believe in our mission. Thank you for your continued support! 

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