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Someone tried to poach Fluffy

A phone call this week had us launching out of bed and racing towards the bridge. Apparently someone had illegally set a trap and had beloved local crocodile, Fluffy, captured. The reporter stated that she saw a man wading through water the day prior. When she questioned what he was doing, he stated he was trying to capture the crocodile. After addressing this illegal offense he told her he would leave it alone and he left. (EDIT: please note the video was shot prior to receiving this last piece of information and Chris had misunderstood what he heard on the phone this morning in the rush to get out of bed and get geared up) Obviously the man did not "leave it alone" as he came back and set this trap. Fluffy was very much stuck and waiting for her demise. We assume the perpetrator was waiting until nightfall to handle the animal since scenarios like a croc capture normally draw quite a crowd.

Have you ever seen people selling crocodile teeth on the beach or at the market? This is where they come from. Please do not support the poaching of our precious wildlife by purchasing these illegally harvested items. Report those selling crocodile/jaguar teeth jewelry and do not purchase them.

Fluffy is also incredibly important to the species of American crocodiles as she is a female. We rarely come across sexually mature females these days, and the few that we have come across within the last year have been killed by poaching, traffic collisions, or pollution. If we lose our breeding females, crocodiles will no longer have a future on Ambergris Caye.

We want to thank the many incredible people, like the one who called us, who are looking out for Belize's wildlife. If you don't call, it may never be righted. Fluffy life was saved thanks to a concerned member of the public. Please continue doing this. Call ACES, the police, the Forest Department or local wildlife organization if you see any questionable activity relating to wildlife. They are as much a part of this place as we are!

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