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Turtle Rescue!

A little over a month ago we took in 8 turtles that came from bad captivity with very poor living conditions. As we didn’t have anywhere proper to house them, we’ve spent the last month building an enclosure for them so they can roam freely without having to worry about predators.

They’re all laden with parasites, and all have nutritional deficiencies and issues with their shells from poor diet and not being able to bask. Because they were stuck in a “pond” for goodness knows how long with no way to crawl out and no land to bask on, their behavior is slightly off and they’re spending almost all of their time in the water and very little time on land foraging for food. They’re also very picky with what they eat right now, preferring fruit and turtle pellets over natural leafy vegetation and vegetables.

Our goal is to rehabilitate these cute little critters and return the furrowed wood turtles to the wild where they belong, so today we’ve been building up their enclosure to resemble something more natural with the addition of plants, hollow logs, and mulch for them to burrow in. We’ve been scattering food for them to forage, and we’re hoping with the addition of vegetation to the enclosure that they’ll spend more time on land as they naturally would here in the wild.

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