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This has been a pretty bad week for wildlife calls. Saturday was interrupted with kids stoning a croc who was just trying to sunbathe and warm up after the cold spell. Sunday saw construction workers from a large resort macheting and stoning a raccoon in the lagoon next to a seawall. The disgusting bastards then stood around watching the poor critter drown as he succumbed to his wounds. Monday was relatively quiet, but Tuesday we were alerted to kids trying to catch the croc by the bridge. When we arrived a tourist struggling with a dangerous lack of common sense was there with her camera on a tripod, she informed us there’s a large croc in the pond and that the very young kids with her were splashing around in the shallows trying to catch a small croc for her to take a picture of!!!! 🤦‍♂️ Yesterday was another report of kids stoning a different croc while he basked in the sun. This morning a lovely couple called us after confiscating a small furrowed wood turtle from children who were dropping and throwing rocks at the poor creature, cracking its shell.

But the highlight of this disappointingly miserable week would be the discovery of a decapitated croc found at secret beach, drifting towards shore with her head and tail macheted clean off. To make matters worse this was a female, something we see less and less of these days. She was about 6.5ft and this year would probably have been her first mating season.

We will not be releasing further information at this time so as to not jeopardize the investigation. But rest assured, this is being looked into by the authorities. Crocodiles are a protected species in Belize, and the waters on the back side fall under the protected areas of Hol Chan Marine Reserve.

If you have any information regarding wildlife crimes, know of anyone selling a croc skull, teeth or meat, you can contact ACES anonymously, The Belize Forest Department, Hol Chan Marine Reserve, or the San Pedro police department.

This is unacceptable and these crimes cannot go unpunished. Those who delight in the suffering of weaker creatures are disgusting cowards who must be brought to justice.

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