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What a load'a garbage!!

What a great turnout at the garbage cleanup yesterday organized by Maresha from Pirate's Not-So-Secret Beach Bar & Grill. This amazing group of people cleaned the entire stretch from secret beach all the way to the turn off in the blazing midday sun. We have a trailer full of garbage and there’s more in the pirates pick truck that couldn’t fit!

We learnt a few things on the way.

1: Most of the garbage was on the right hand side as you head away from secret beach back to town. Lower inhibitions from alcohol seem to cause some to just dash their trash in any bush they see suitable.

2: There’s not one garbage can along that whole stretch of road! Madness! That is a situation that needs rectifying.

3: Most of the garbage was single use plastic cups, bottles, bags, cutlery, and styrofoam take out containers. It doesn’t take long for these items to become so brittle in the Caribbean sun that they break as soon as you try and pick them up into small pieces and micro plastics that can’t be retrieved. With so many other alternatives readily available, there’s no reason for these items to still be in circulation. When is the ban coming into effect Belize Department of the Environment - DOE? Every day without it is another day that THOUSANDS more of these products end up polluting the environment.

4: There were a few piles of garbage that are obviously not from beach goers. Someone’s business (or multiple businesses) are not disposing of their garbage properly and are using the mangroves and bush. You know who you are and you should be bloody ashamed of yourself. Take a team and get out there and sort your mess out! It’s disgusting.

For those who were there, you guys did a great job and showed true pride in this jewel. Those that couldn’t make it, we’ll see you next time!

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