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Visit ACES' rescued crocodiles at Caribbean Shrimp Company located in Ladyville, Belize!

ACES is a proud partner with Caribbean Shrimp Company, who graciously provides safe, secure, and comfortable habitats for crocodiles either deemed too dangerous to live in the wild or those unable to survive on their own due to injuries. 

Their facility offers two enclosures (fresh water and salt water reserves) that provide a home in the crocodile’s natural habitat, while allowing our visitors the chance to watch and learn about these magnificent creatures, as well as feed them, from a safe distance!

Currently, their largest resident is George, a 14-foot American Saltwater Crocodile!

Visits to the sanctuary are free with $10 USD property admission. Crocodile food is available at Captain Hooks Shrimp Restaurant for $5 BZE per bag. Learn all about Belize’s crocodiles with an interpretive croc Tour for just $10 USD

Other activities awaiting you at Caribbean Shrimp Company include

Visit ACES' rescued crocodiles at Rainforest Adventure Zone while enjoying a zip-lining, hiking, rafting, and kayaking through the lush rainforest landscape!

Rainforest Adventure Zone, located in Sandhill, Belize, features habitats for both the American saltwater crocodiles and Morelet's freshwater crocodiles found in Belize. All crocodiles in the sanctuary are rescues and have been placed in captivity either due to problematic behavior that has deemed them to too dangerous to live in the wild or due to injuries that make it nearly impossible for the crocodiles to survive in the wild on their own. 

Visits to the sanctuary at Rainforest Adventure Zone can be made by reservation only. Please email or call to schedule a visit!

Rainforest Adventure Zone

Mile 16 Phillip Goldson Highway, Belize C.A